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About Us

Fintech Yazılım provides consultancy and software development services to the finance industry. The most important factor that determines the quality service we provide to our customers is our experience in market trading and our deep-rooted industry knowledge.

Our expertise is in the field of financial software development. By providing companies in the financial sector with customized software solutions and our expertise in Fintech, we help our clients grow and gain a competitive advantage. We evaluate each client on their own, tailor products that are the best of their kind and aim for technical excellence. We offer it as


High Frequency Trading

Able to transact in microseconds with high-frequency-low-latency applications and maximize your profitability. Eliminates all delays and shortens your path to change.

High Performance and Reliability

Choosing and matching the best performing (hardware, OS, software, network) with optimizations at all levels

Algorithmic Trading

Turn your experience into software for better control and profit. Make every strategy viable and actionable. Your strategy with any data

AI & Machine Learning

Improve your strategies day by day with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Better adapt to market conditions.

Web Trade

Single Platform, Many Options! Solutions for the needs of brokerage houses and banks operating in the capital markets with our integrated, multi-channel and end-to-end corporate software solution.

Market Maker App

Compliant with the Market Making communiqué, fast and easy integration, developed with the most advanced and up-to-date software architecture

Blockchain Technology

Software solutions on Blockchain networks without being dependent on a central authority with blockchain technology.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

Developing 'Decentralized Finance' applications.

Smart Contracts

We design, develop and optimize coded employment contracts with the aim of speeding up and perfecting processes by automating.

Blockchain Consulting

With our experience in this technology space, we are unlocking the potential of our partners for blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Crypto Exchange Software developed with our own end-to-end software infrastructure

Crypto Wallet Development

We offer a secure way to send, receive and manage cryptocurrencies with the wallet based on blockchain technology.

Hyperledger Platform

With HyperLedger, we help our partners evolve by creating a private blockchain in finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and more.

NFT Platforms

Development of Non-Fungible Token Marketplace and Platforms.

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